Drive With Zybo

Who can register as a Zybo Driver Partner?
Anyone who wants to earn or increase their earning can join Zybo. You will need a valid full NZ Drivers License with P –  Endorsement with an eligible car not manufactured before  2008.

How can I register as a Zybo Driver Partner?
Sign up using your email or mobile number and provide your  basic information to start the registration process. Upload all  the required documents and once we’ve verified your  documents and vehicle, we‘ll reach out to you.

How will I be Paid?
Your earnings will be calculated on a daily basis and it will be  transfered within 24 hours.

What offers am I eligible with Zybo?
We have a “Welcome Offer” were we are not charging any  commission from the driver partners for the first 30 days.

What’s the ride cancellation Policy?
Driver will be paid the cancellation fee in the following  situation:
– If the customer cancels the ride after the time span of 5 minutes you have accepted the ride.
– You have waited at the pickup location for 5 minutes or  more after pressing the “Reached Pickup” Button.
– A cancellation fees of ₹15 will be paid to you if you are  eligible.

What will be our commission rate?
As a “Welcome Offer”, we are not charging any commission  for first 30 days after that the commission of 18% will be  charged.

1- Low Commission & Higher Earning
2- Daily Payments
3- Get Booking Regularly
4- SOS For Your Safety
5- 24/7 Support
6- Choose Your Own Working Hour
1. Aadhar Card
2. PAN Card
2. Vehicle Registration Certificate
3. Driving License
4. Pollution Certificate
5. Vehicle Insurance
1- Drivers Licence ( with P- endorsement )
2- Driver ID card
1. Bank Account Details
2. GST Number ( Not required if you aren’t GST registered )